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Charles Marvin "Charlie" Green Jr., better known as Angry Grandpa or AGP, is an American Internet personality. Internet has a place for everyone in this world and Angry Grandpa Charles Marvin Jr. is proof of this. Closing in on 70, this man has found his very special place in the hearts of the young and old through videos of his angry rants, stormy monologues and crazy acts. His YouTube channel ‘’TheAngryGrandpaShow’ has over 3 million subscribers who tune in regularly to see his latest doings on the channel. His channel regularly features his family and friends, and they are no less popular than the grandpa himself. 

He calls his fans Grandpa’s Army and the youngsters among them youngins. He has close to 250K subscribers in Twitter but isn’t active on Instagram. He loves cooking, is a typical example of how the American aged people lead their lives, their problems and a glimpse of their loneliness. Angry Grandpa is a shining example to his fellow geriatrics, about how they can harness the power of internet to fill up the void in their lives and be popular despite their quirks.

Charles was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina in the vicinity of the Sherwood Forest. He worked as a firefighter for The North Charleston Fire Department. Apart from that he has also worked in various other jobs such as working as a maintenance man and even owned small businesses. He has 4 children - 2 sons and 2 daughters and a total of 6 grandchildren.

He separated from his wife Tina Marie in 2012. Charles is currently suffering from Bipolar Disorder and is taking regular medication. He has also suffered from Hernia for which he had to have a surgery. In February 2017, in a video it was announced that Charles was detected with skin cancer. His channel came out with the statement and also announced that despite everything, they will continue to keep putting up videos. The kept their promise and have been posting regular updates regarding the status of his illness on the channel.


He died of cirrhosis on December 10, 2017, at his home in Summerville, South Carolina

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