The Top 5 Angry Grandpa Show Pranks

Over the years, Angry Grandpa and Pickleboy have been embroiled in a devious prank war. Given the number of times they've faked their own deaths, fed each other disgusting concoctions, and even faked an apocalypse, it's a wonder the two can even trust each other enough to be in the same room at the same time. Here, we take a look at some of the best pranks they've pulled during the course of the last few years. 

5. The End of the World Prank

Remember back in 2012, when everyone was talking about how an ancient Mayan calendar supposedly predicted the end of the world happening at the end of that year? Well, Michael took advantage of that myth and Grandpa fell for it. He gets in the car to flee to a nearby Air Force base in the middle of the night, after putting some pants on, of course.


4. The Walking Dead Prank!

Michael exploits Grandpa's gullibility again with this elaborate hoax. He convinces his dad that the Zombie Apocalypse is upon the world with a fake news report and a bunch of people (including Tina) in makeup. 


3. Stolen PS4 Prank!

Grandpa works with Bridgette to steal Michael's PS4. When Michael figures out what's going on, Grandpa demands a ransom for it, and threatens to smash it if Pickleboy doesn't pay up. 


2. Grandpa Shaved off My Eyebrows!

This one is simple, but effective. Pickleboy lets Grandpa cut his hair as an apology for several recent pranks, and Grandpa uses the opportunity to shave off one of Michael's eyebrows!

1. The Hit & Run Prank!

Grandpa had a date and drove home drunk. To teach him a lesson about the dangers of drunk driving, Pickleboy smears fake blood on his car to trick his dad into thinking that he hit someone!


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